“The Wants” Paper!

I am blessed to have a wonderful group member, by the name of Christy who set aside the time to send me the notes from our class on February 25! I am so thankful and as I begin to review the notes, I love the concept of asking the students to draft a five-minute paper to outline their wants from the class. As a student, I find this concept helpful because it allows the professor to gear course materials for all learners and not just a portion. I find it more fulfilling for the professor and for the student when everyone is engaged because everyone’s wants is being met in the class.

As an educator, I am always looking and finding new ways to engage learners. I am open to changes and listening to the students I teach on how to improve and attempting to adapt their concerns into the course layout. While, I have yet to teach at a community college or university (at least not yet, I have my eyes on a few gigs), I utilize my experiences with teaching seminars and training programs, as a way of building up my teaching skills. I think I will institute the concept of “the wants” paper into my training sessions; not only will it open my eyes, but also spark conversation amongst the students or trainees!

For Such a Time as This….The Vision….

For the past few months, I have embarked upon my very own transformational learning journey! With each opportunity, I have grown as an individual and further developed my leadership skills. I can feel myself changing into an individual who is not afraid any more, for fear is not of God! With this journey, I have learned so much about Lucy! Within this journey, I gained and lost a few friends; even my boyfriend. Although, this has been a difficult process, I truly have to thank God for allowing the changes to happen. I truly had to silence myself and allow God’s will to be done in my life. For Habakkuk 2: 2-3 reads,

“Then the LORD answered me and said, ‘Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets. That the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.”

God knew that certain people in my inner circle were detrimental to my spiritual growth. He knew that if those individuals were not removed I could possibly forfeit the work that I have done thus far and most importantly the work that He has started within me. Although, at times I did not understand, He knew that it was time to birth the vision and everything became clear after the completion of the adult learning paper. For with every key stroke as the paper evolved, the ideas and thoughts begin to flow and the vision and dream of Hannah’s Women was further birthed on paper! This time had been ordained. I could say more, but all I can say is that certain times, seasons, and situations occur in our lives to bring us to “such a time as this!”

Becoming “Herself”…Transformation (World Within)

“We must be the change that we wish to see…” –Ghandi

To transform means to change. A change in our mind set. It is a change in our body and soul. Over the past few years, I have witnessed the transformation of my “lil sis.” Although, she is not my blood sister, she is my sister in Christ, in spirit, by connection. For so long, she was bound by the thoughts of her family…sheltered, structured, and not allowed to pursue her own perspectives; closed minded, so to speak. When I met her three years ago, she was a fragile, soft-spoken, individual with a story to tell. Now I smile because she has blossomed into an intelligent young woman, who is standing on her own, speaking on her own, and gaining a better understanding for life and what it has to offer; besides she will be graduating from college in May.

Her transformation to become herself did not begin until her third year of college, when she finally said, “I am away from home. I am on my own and it is time for me to learn and live.” Her decision to become “herself” did not come without harsh criticism. There were times when her family shunned her and all she had were the individuals here in Richmond and an aunt. There were times when she would cry because she did not understand why her family was reacting in such a manner. There were times when she even dreaded visiting home due to the actions of her family. Throughout this time we prayed, we sang, we PRAISED her way through. She began to lean on God for “herself” and not because her family anticipated that she do. She began to gain an understanding for life for “herself.” Although every action, every event, every circumstance was painful, it was the beginning of her transformation.

It was the beginning of her transformation from dependent to independent. It was the beginning of her transformation from young adult to adulthood. It was the beginning transformation of “lil sis” becoming “herself” and for this, I AM PROUD! She is now embarking upon the journey to ensure that her very own “lil sis” does not fall into the same sheltered, closed trap that she faced. Her new perspectives and actions are in line with who God has destined her to be. She now views life as a revolving door, knowing that the world is bigger than what her family sees. She has become the change that she wishes to see in her family and in the world. Besides, “we must be the change that we wish to see;” if we wish to see others change, something in us has to change, as well.


Whew!!!! Whoo!!! Tonight, is our group presentation, which signals that the semester is nearing an end. I must say, I am excited, extremely overjoyed, and so glad, all that stuff. I really have seen the concepts mentioned in Levi’s text play out in my team. While group work is fundamental to the learning and developmental processes, after a while it can get tedious, time consuming, and mind boggling. While, everyone attempts to keep their cool, you can see the frustration on the faces of group members. You can see the irritated gestures, which state that if it was not for my grade, I think I would have voted myself from the group, as they do on Survivor!


I admit I like to work by myself. I am in more of my element when I complete individual assignments. I can get more creative and I do not have to battle to have my creativity heard; IT’S JUST me, the pen, the paper.


Whew. Man, it feels good to vent. My stress-tension headache is finally leaving; and I think I am getting my second wind, to complete the journey. It feels good to get things off your mind. Now, I just have to hum hymns like my grandma used to tell me, to keep my mind at ease.


By now, you already know I am the person noted above, but guess what….I bet you I am not the only one!


Well,we present tonight and we have one more assignment after this one…I may dance on the last day of class, who knows. LOL!

Stressful…Yes…Peace of Mind…I Seek!!!

Am I going crazy! Am I nuts! Am I overwhelmed, YES! I never knew group work could be so stressful. In groups, it is difficult when trying to get everyone involved on one accord. I must confess, I am an introvert at times, and do my best work, individually. I think clearer, I am more creative, and I am more productive when working alone. I know this is wrong, but this is how I am. Group work can be strenuous and stressful at times.


Now don’t get me wrong, I like my group members. We are all so different, but yet willing to give up time, in order to make the group dynamics work. I think with all the pressures of life, work, other classes, and trying to build a career, IT WEARS YOU DOWN. I am wearing down and I need peace of mind. I need to find peace of mind, in order to make it through the remainder of the semester. My goal is to find peace of mind, through prayer and fasting. I must pray and fast, because everything is going to be ALL RIGHT! I know it is!

Remember the Titans!!! I Never Knew…

I am really enjoying the Adult Learning program, thus far. This week in Groups and Teams, we completed watching the film, “Remember the Titans,” one of my favorite movies. Upon watching the movie, I would never have guessed that it had so many of the concepts learned in Groups and Teams and Adult Development (EDUS 604): Power and Conflict, Transition-Initiation-Termination, the list can go on.


Normally, I watch films for entertainment or for the purpose and passion behind the film; but now, I find myself watching movies or television shows, and unconsciously noticing a pattern of adult development or group conflict. I can truly say that my outlook has changed. I am now looking at novels and movies, figuring out how I could incorporate such tools into my line of work.


Hmmm….What will I discover next?

My horizons are broadening….

WOW!!! We just completed our first “huge group” assignment, the Team Paper!!! And, I must say it was easier than I thought. The process of collaboration went smoothly; everyone was able to provide input on each question and assist one another in their particular area of expertise.


To construct the paper we utilized an on-line document-sharing tool, called Zoho. This was my first time completing a group paper utilizing on-line document sharing; and it was pretty cool. However, we all know that I am technologically challenged, so in the beginning, I was unable to log onto Zoho to edit my paper; I mean I was frantic. But, there is always a “ram in the bush;” and I was blessed with wonderful group members, who were able to assist me in my moment of chaos.


I was so excited about the on-line document-sharing tool that I have introduced the idea to an individual whom I work closely with at church; and she is currently interested in learning more about it as well. I must say, I was nervous about Graduate School, but now I am excited. It has been a wonderful experience thus far and I am looking forward to the next two years!!! My horizons are broadening….


WOW…My First Ever Blog Entry

WOW!!! This is my first ever blog entry, in my first ever Graduate School Course…How exciting. I am really looking forward to the Graduate School experience and all it has to offer. So far, I am enjoying the venture into the world of education. This semester I am taking two courses, ADLT 612 and EDUS 604 and I can honestly say, I am enjoying the courses thus far (I have even coerced one of my friends to sign up for ADLT 612 in a future semester). I know that this will be a rewarding experience, I can just feel it! Well, that’s all for now!

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